Florida Professional Photographers History

A convention was held on campus at the University of Florida in 1933. It was organized by Kodak, and some of the suppliers of photographic equipment and chemistry (yes, chemistry). The attendees decided to form an organization to represent the professional photographers in attendance from all over Florida. The Florida Photographers Association was officially formed during that convention on May 3, 1933, with approximately 30 members, each paying $2 for their annual dues.

During WWII, due to gas and food rationing, the FPA did not hold a convention for three full years ('42-'44). They resumed their convention schedule in 1945, forever putting the number of conventions two years behind the actual age of the association (in 1985, the FPP celebrated it's 50th Convention, even though the association was 52 years old).

In the 1950's it changed its name to the Florida Professional Photographers and have continued to educate its members through conventions, seminars, and schools.
FPP Affiliated Sections

There are several local photographic associations that are affiliated with the FPP. These organizations have fulfilled certain requirements allowing them to declare their affiliation with the FPP and provide FPP merits to their speakers, judges, and officers.

The FPP Affiliated Sections share the same educational goals and commitment to its members as the FPP and the FPP highly recommends you join your local association.

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Benefits from Florida Professional Photographer Membership

Annual Florida Professional Photographers Convention
Included in your membership is our annual Convention held in August each year. Simply PRE-REGISTER to save your spot and save money! The five day convention is held in Orlando and features up to a dozen speakers. The purpose is to provide its membership with the most exciting educational opportunity possible. A Trade Show, Image Competition, Awards Banquet, Parties, and Fellowship all culminate in bringing together like-minded photographers and studio owners to learn from each other and share their knowledge in helping to elevate the industry we all love.

Annual Florida Professional Photographers ConventionTrade Show
Each year during the Convention, the FPP hosts the state's largest Trade Show of photographic equipment, supplies, and vendors. One of the largest photographic Trade Show in the Southeast, you can count on finding your next lab, frame supplier, or equipment supplier to keep your business rolling.

Image Competition
The FPP Annual Competition is hosted during the convention, providing its members with an educational opportunity like no other. If you want your imagery to improve, submit your images for scoring and critique, and earn the credentials you deserve.

The Florida School of Photography
The Florida School of Photography is held each June in Daytona Beach, hosted by Daytona State College. It is a PPA Affiliated School, providing 26 hours of intense hands-on instruction over five days with one talented instructor of your choice. You will spend the entire time with your choice of one of six to ten nationally known instructors covering everything from lighting and posing to marketing and sales, to business, Photoshop, and workflow tricks.
PPA Affiliated School means you learn and earn PPA Merits too!

The Florida School of Photography Scholarships
Every year, the FPP awards numerous scholarships to its members to attend the annual Florida School of Photography. Most of these are announced during the Annual Awards Banquet at the convention, and reward those who get involved and assist the FPP in becoming the country's best state photographic organization.

Florida Professional Photographers Degree Program
The FPP's degree program allows members to earn merits towards designations and degrees that are easily marketed to your clientele.

The Florida Service Award recognizes service to the industry.

The Florida Education Degree recognizes your commitment to furthering your education.

The Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence and the Florida Degree of Artistic Excellence reward members for quality imagery through our annual image competition.

Florida Professional Photographers Spring and Fall Seminars
Twice a year the FPP sponsors a full day seminar, centrally located within the state, at incredibly low prices for its membership.

The Florida Photographer Magazine
The Florida Photographer has consistently been recognized as one of the country's best photographic publications, earning numerous first place awards and placing in the top three year after year. The quarterly publication will bring you news and articles that will prove to be invaluable in the success of your business.

SEPPA Membership and Convention
If you are a member of the FPP, you are also automatically a member of the Southeastern Professional Photographers Association. SEPPA is our regional affiliate and hosts the District Judging for PPA's image competition. SEPPA holds a convention every odd numbered year and members of SEPPA may attend the SEPPA convention for only $49 ($350 if not a SEPPA member). That means your dues for the FPP buys you membership in TWO organizations and gets you into THREE conventions every two years for only $49!

Florida Professional Photographers Membership

Professional - $210

1. Professional Membership shall be extended to an individual who is:
a. A legal resident of the State of Florida
b. At least 18 years of age
2. An applicant of Professional Membership must:
a. Provide a completed application form
b. Provide a copy of their current Florida Sales Tax Certificate
3. A Professional Member shall be entitled to all activities and benefits of the Corporation including the right to:
a. Hold office in the Corporation
b. Vote with respect to its affairs
c. Participate in photographic competition
d. Use the corporation logo for advertising/promotional purposes
4. A Professional Member must provide a copy of the current Florida Sales Tax Certificate each year upon renewal of FPP membership.

Associate - $195

1. Associate Membership shall be extended to an individual who is employed in the State of Florida by a Professional or Life member of the Corporation.
2. An Associate Member shall be entitled to all activities and benefits of the corporation including the right to:
a. Hold office in the Corporation
b. Vote with respect to its affairs
c. Participate in the photographic competition
d. Use the Corporation logo for advertising/promotional purposes

Student - $135

1. Student Membership shall be extended to an individual who:
a. Is currently enrolled in a post secondary school
b. Provides proof of enrollment
2. A Student Member shall be entitled to all activities and benefits of the Corporation with the exception of voting rights or holding office.
3. A Student Member must provide proof of enrollment each year upon renewal of Student Membership.