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The Impact of Light

Lighting is everything. It’s obvious that we can’t make a photowithout it, but many photographers are more concerned about subject andcomposition, often forgetting how much influence the light has upon thefeeling, description and design of the image. Direction, Quality and Depth oflight, what I call the Big Three, provide a massive impression upon the form,texture, and mood of the photograph. The photographer must decide about each ofthese aspects of lighting and combine them to enhance the concept.

This presentation covers lighting patterns, hard and soft-lightand shadow-depth on two completely different subjects: people and flowers.Bobbi will show how changing the light completely alters the visual effect ofthe picture. This is a very dynamic presentation that will change your life andphotography!

Bobbi's Bio

Bobbi Lane, a Fujifilm “X” Photographer, is an award-winningcommercial photographer specializing in creative portraits on location and inthe studio. Lane's multi-faceted approach to photography incorporates over 40years of technical experience with innovative artistic interpretation. Hercorporate and editorial work includes corporate websites, annual reports andhundreds of environmental portraits for a wide variety of magazines. As adedicated photo educator, she brings insight and enthusiasm to her students inworkshops held worldwide. She is widely known as the “Mistress of Light”,teaching portrait lighting techniques with both natural and artificial light.Combining her love of travel, photography and teaching, Bobbi also leadsinternational photo travel workshops such as Venice Carnival and Iceland. Herdynamic workshops are always both education and entertaining!

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Carver, MA 02330

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February 12, 2022

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