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Photo Video Fusion Storytelling with photos and video is changing the business. You are either doing it, thinking about doing it or avoiding it. What if you could learn a few new concepts, ideas or tips that would open new possibilities for you?  In this program Henry Grunberg will show you how to use the video capabilities your camera already has to stand out from your competition and help you make more money! Your Fusion Skills requires planning, capture including sound recording, production integration and the possibilities of multiple output presentations. You'll learn how to shoot decisive video with your photography, love it, and watch what it does for your event or portrait photography business.


About Henry Grunberg

Henry Grunberg is a Professional Photographer and Videographer living in South Florida with over 25 years experience.  Henry is an expert in digital pictures and video production.  Currently for the past 8 years Henry is C.E.O./Founder of BEST SHOT PRODUCTIONS, a next generation digital solutions media provider, incorporating the ideal combination of strategy, design and technical expertise to every production including digital photography & HD video.  Previously he was C.E.O./Founder for 17 years of a leading Venezuela TV Production Company that provided customized video productions, including documentaries, training videos, trade show videos, broadcast commercials and news.  His background includes 2 years as Lecturing Audiovisual Communications Professor of TV Production and Management in a renowned Venezuela’s University.


“Storytelling is my life. The art of seeing action, drama and beauty unfold and then harnessing the emotion of it all and the making it come to life on screen/paper...That's why I do this. I've watched the industry be rejuvenated by the onset of digital, go stagnant and then rise from the ashes with the birth of HD-DSLR cameras. My main goal is making sure that every product that leaves my studio is amazing. Additionally I teach other photographers and videographers how to bring their work to the next level. If you have the motivation and the eye, I can give you the rest of the tools.”


For more information about Henry Grunberg                         954-588.1862

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