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"From Fear to Flash"

Have you been frustrated with lighting? Do strobes and flashes intimidate you? Do you have a headache when adding artificial light to a scene? Have you been stuck creatively with your photography? If you've always wanted to get better results with your lighting but were fearful of the process then join JC Carey as he demystifies lighting into the simplest steps possible so that anyone with a basic understanding of camera functions can start producing more dynamic images immediately. With tips and tricks that can be used with any lights, you add to your creative arsenal JC will talk about the basics and dive into some more advanced concepts. In three easy steps, JC will take you from Fear to flash.

Topics covered: Lens selection and how it relates to lighting, TTL vs Manual, Camera modes, High-Speed Sync/Rear Curtain Sync, Off Camera Lighting, Modifying the light

Sponsored By: Hunt's Photo and Video