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    Professional Photographers Guild of Florida

PPGF Membership Application Information

Membership Eligibility Classifications

1. ACTIVE (voting): An individual photographer who owns and operates a professional photographic establishment and who earns the major portion of his or her income from photography. Active members may hold office in the guild board, vote and use the name, logos in the practice of their photography.

Annual dues: $120.00 or $10 per month through PayPal.

2. ASSOCIATE (non-voting): Individuals not qualifying for active membership may apply for associate membership. Associate members have all the rights and privileges of an active member except those of voting and holding office. By vote of the Board, Associate Members can be eligible for Active Membership privileges and hold office in the Guild board.

Annual dues: $120.00 or $10 per month through Paypal.


2 Memberships $240 discounted to $198 ($42 savings) $16.50 per month through Paypal

3 Memberships $360 discounted to $297 ($63 savings) $24.75 per month through Paypal

4 Memberships $480 discounted to $396 ($84 savings) $33.00 per month through Paypal

5 Memberships $600 discounted to $492 ($103 savings) $41.00 per month through Paypal


2 Memberships $240 discounted to $180 ($60 savings) or $15 per month through Paypal.

5. STUDENT (non-voting) Membership Eligibility Requirement: Individuals must show proof of academic enrollment. Student members have all the rights and privileges of an associate member.

Annual dues $60.00 or $5 per month through Paypal.

Please download the PDF, fill it out, and do one of the following:

Bring to the next program or Board meeting

or ...
Scan/email it to

or ...

Mail to PPGF Membership, 2427 Arthur St., Hollywood FL 33020

Questions? Please contact

PPGF Membership Application Download

2017 PPGF Membership Application Rev L.pdf

Credit Card/PayPal Payments

PPGF Monthly Membership Options

To make an Annual Membership or Membership Renewal payment through Paypal, Mastercard, or Visa go to the Annual Membership Payment Page.

We prefer you subscribe monthly as a member of PPGF. Please consider the membership category that's right for you.

Active Membership and also Associate Membership is $10 per month. An Active Member is a professional photographer with a business license and state sales tax certificate. You may qualify as an Associate Member while you set up your business. Either way, subscribe with the Active Member option.

Student Membership is $5 per month. Studying photography at one of the area colleges? This is the membership for you.

A past president of PPGF is $5 per month.

Monthly subscription is the easiest way to join, but just like annual dues members requires a completed membership application, available from the Forms tab above. Processing can take up to two months, so go ahead and join with your payment below, bring your membership application to the next program, and welcome! We look forward to having you.

While there are many benefits to joining PPGF, certainly the learning experience from the monthly programs is the most important, and where else can you learn from successful photographers for only $10 per month.

Membership Cards and Membership Package for 2016

We are offering Membership cards to all members including lifetime members. You must provide us with a quality head shot of your self. Take a look!

2015 Membership Card Style

PPA Membership Application

Considering PPA membership?

Join PPA using the following PPA Application and PPGF will be recognized for your application.

PPA Membership benefits will will return your annual investment. The $15,000 equipment insurance is worth it all by itself.

Use the attached Application or use the PPGF code if you register online at

PPA Member Application Download

PPGF is a 501 (c) (3) non profit association, financial Information is always available to our members upon request.

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Sponsors and Speakers

PPGF is always looking for Meeting Sponsors and Speakers

Contact 954 224-8122 if you would like to promote your products or have a presentation for a future meeting. Earn Merits for speaking if you are a PPA Member.

Dale Laboratories, Photographic Imaging and Enlarging in Hollywood, FL is our primary local lab sponsor. Please visit online or in person. .

PPGF Network

PPGF is interested in sharing calendars and events of regional, state and national events with it's members.

Please email us your information with your logo. Please share our information with your group and advise us about your publication deadlines.

PPGF Welcomes all regional PPA members!

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