Becoming a Legally Established Professional Photographer

The PPGF is a professional photography organization.To take full advantage of all the benefits available to our Professional Membership category, you must provide a copy of your Sales Tax Certificate. If you are just getting started in our industry and do not yet have a Sales Tax Certificate, now is the time to get started.

The reason is simple. The PPGF is a “professional photographer’s” association. In order to be classified as professional, you must be able to sell your goods and services and in order to do that you must be a legally established business.

You see, it’s a FELONY in the state of Florida to operate a business selling a taxable product unless you have a Sales Tax Certificate and possibly an Occupational License (city, county, or both) and/or a Federal Employee ID Number (EIN).

Selling photographs without charging sales tax or collecting sales tax without sending it to the Dept of Revenue in Tallahassee is illegal. The DOR conducts periodic audits within the photographic industry and you don’t want to be caught without the necessary legal documentation.

Go to the Getting Legal link of the Florida Professional Photographers website for more information.